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 Here at Fudge Place, we have not only combined all those delicious recipes from long ago, but we have IMPROVED them greatly. We begin our fudge from scratch using real butter and cream. Then we add the finest, richest ingredients until that superb flavor is achieved. Our fudge is continually stirred until it is totally smooth and creamy.  To say our fudge is rich, smooth, and oh so creamy is an understatement.  So take a moment, sit back, relax and enjoy the best fudge you'll ever have!


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Heath English Toffee 

This delicious combination gives your taste buds an outstanding delight!  We begin with our smooth, rich and oh so creamy vanilla fudge.  Then we add Heath English Toffee pieces and they melt down into the vanilla fudge! When you take a bite, you get the best of both worlds. Delicious, simply delicious is what we hear from our customers when they take a bite!